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dance and bodylanguage

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As a dancer and choreographer   I am working with multiple dancestyles - and techniques to bring stories and themes on stage full of expression and narrative power.  Mostly the symbiosis of the speaking word and movement language stand in the foreground. In this connection I am using techniques from the field of physical theatre.

 On stage  I am creating performances with the help of different movement techniques to open the door of dance to any kind of performer. In this connection,   meanwhile the rehearsal process,
I am using the combination of  Body Mind Centering ®(BMC)
and Gaga language.

 My warm ups   are individualized movement exercises which contain stretching, power and techniques from the field of hip hop, jazz and contemporary dance. Thereby the work with the four elements play
an important role. On top of this I love to use yoga and consciousness exercises to complement the training.
Being aware, discovering and breaking the patters of movement to look with your body, brain and soul throught new and fresh perspectives.

 Let's move! 

When I'm   working with young people  I'm creating a  strong picture language to empower the kids to transfer the imaginary picture in a body  language.

In the creative childrendance we explore balance, turns & twists, jumps, using music and rhythm to support the individual creativity of the kids.

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